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5 to 6 years

The Kindergarten year is when your child gets to reep the rewards of the seeds they've planted throughout their development in Montessori. This is the time when many of the earlier lessons come together and become a permanent part of your child's understanding.


Our classrooms are mixed-age so our Pre-K and Kindergarteners share the same space. Your child will continue to work in the same space and with the same teachers they've been working with through Pre-K. Because the learning is individualized, your child can still work at his/her own pace while participating in a mixed age classroom community. Younger children benefit from example, and learn from the activities of the older children, while older children gain the self-confidence that comes with responsibility and leadership.


By this point in your child's education, your teacher knows them very well and has a valuable understanding of his/her capabilities, passions, and challenges. Not only does your child have a sense of security and confidence, they are ensured not to fall through the cracks and to be prepared for their next learning adventure at the end of their Kindergarten year. 

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