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Young children are naturally curious about everything and they learn best when allowed to explore and discover at their own speed. Our Pre-K learning environment is designed to encourage each child to move, touch, and manipulate. They are free to work independently, based on their own capabilities, with gentle and respectful guidance from their teacher.

Our classrooms are warm, inviting, attractive indoor and outdoor spaces with an intriguing array of learning materials, books, plants, animals, art and music materials. We have a lovely garden in our play area where children get hands-on learning and a chance to nurture living things.

At this stage, your children are preparing academically for Kindergarten while also developing concentration, motivation, self-direction and a love of learning. The program is also designed to help your child achieve their full potential. Through “grace and courtesy” activities, we teach your child how to solve conflicts, how to behave in social situations, and how to be kind and helpful. 

3 to 5 years

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