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Our Transition Program is where your child is prepared for participation in our Pre-K program. Here your child will enjoy more independence as they move from one activity to another, learning how to select and manage their work periods. 

At this stage our teachers focus on nurturing your child’s individual development within a group setting. We are working on social, emotional and academic skills to prepare then for the next step in their learning. The child is becoming more confident and more capable, increasing the length of time they can focus on a task and becoming more adept at caring for their materials. 

By the end of their time in our Transition program, these children are ready for the next level of Montessori learning. Before moving to the Pre-K program, they will visit the classroom and meet their teachers. We ensure that they will feel secure and confident in their ability to move forward in their learning.

2.5 to 3.5 years

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