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3 months to 18 months

This is where it all begins. Your infant is in a sensitive period of development for movement, sensory perception, language, and order.  At Vineyard Montessori, this precious beginning is supported with unconditional love in a carefully prepared environment in which babies can safely explore and thrive. Our infant room provides age appropriate activities and stimulation while maintaining  a calm and peaceful environment. Everything in the classroom is designed for our babies and their comfort. We use custom floor beds that allow your child to sleep whenever they are tired. Our infant sized shelves display beautiful materials to stimulate your child's interest. Teachers speak in gentle voices, encouraging your little one to learn to speak while ensuring that they feel comfortable, safe, and loved.

Consistency is key in helping infants to feel safe and comfortable. We only offer a five day program for infants to ensure they are with the same children and adults each day.  Sleep and eating schedules are based on your child’s individual needs, which are carefully observed and documented for you throughout the day.


It can be scary being apart from your baby. We perform rigorous background checks for teachers and ensure all staff is provided with CPR/First Aid Training. We foster a strong sense of emotional well-being in the child with our ratio of one adult to three babies. 

At 18 months, your child is ready for greater challenges. Vineyard Montessori provides a continuum of Montessori education and your child will have a seamless transition to the Toddler program. This process is planned well in advance and is designed to ensure that both your child and you are ready for the change. They will have the opportunity to visit their new classroom and meet with their new teacher before the transition is made. 

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