Family Testimonials

Candy G.

We love Vineyard Montessori! Our toddler had been in daycare here since August 2019. We really saw him thrive here and learn so much. We love what a sweet and warm community we found. The facility is always clean, we love that they have a huge outdoor space for kids to run around, and our toddler learned so much in the short time he was here, from learning to clean up after himself, to putting on his own jacket. He became so independent thanks to the care and attention from the toddler teachers. Unfortunately, we are now working from home and don't have a need for daycare. We truly loved our time and Vineyard Montessori, and we can't wait to re-enroll our son once the pandemic is over!

Angela H.

If you are looking for a school that will ignite your child's passion for learning this is the place!!!!! I toured many pre-school programs before choosing this school. And as they all seemed like they did a good job. I had an immediate liking to this school and their program. My daughter has attended this school for 1.5 years and  her desire for learning has steadily increased. Before she turned 5 she was writing her first and last name, spelling and reading small words, adding and subtracting numbers and requesting to read chapter books! She is also able to express herself with the various art projects they do. The staff is amazing and caring. They notify me immediately of any concerns they have. And during this Covid pandemic have taken immediate measures to keep the children teach and their staff safe. By taking each child's temperature each morning and having a front door drop off. As a working parent through this pandemic,  it is one less stresser knowing your child is able to safely continue their education! Thank you all staff for setting up my child with such a strong educational foundation for her to enter kindergarten with! 

Lindsay Shaw

Little things we noticed from day one at Vineyard Montessori were night and day to any other experience we have had with our daughter. Her teacher, Miss. Anchalee, is very kind, calm, and talkative to the children. She explains little details to children so that they understand the world around them (specifically, she was describing the two types of turtles they have in the room and how they like to swim in the water but they also need to breathe air), and she speaks and interacts on their eye level. The first time I picked up my daughter, she was in the middle an autonomous task: she had just finished getting her diaper changed, and she was washing her hands and throwing away the paper towel on her own. She had learned this routine in just one day. I often get texts from my husband telling me how pleasant the drop off is at VM. He said they walk into the classroom together, and our daughter happily waves and says “bye bye!” and sits down to have her breakfast. This wasn’t our experience in drop-offs at other places. Prior to our first day, Julie and Miss Anchalee gave us advice for making drop-offs a relaxing and easy routine, and I think that made a lot of difference. My husband and I talk about how pleased we are with our daughter’s experience at VM almost every day.

Amy Chambers

We could not imagine a better place for our two children to begin their education. Montessori has enabled them to have more self confidence, learn both practical and academic skills, as well as socialize in a fun structured environment with children of the same age. The teachers at Vineyard Montessori have a gift. They have great compassion for their students and work with you as the parent to ensure each child is successful. I feel comfortable each day knowing that not only are our children growing and developing, but they are truly being cared for and supported. 

Aimee Morgan-Lopez (mom to Mateo (6) and Emilio (4)

My oldest was a precocious four year old in private daycare when we decided to enroll him in a private school. He cried and sobbed the first day.  We thought it was first day jitters.  The following day we realized the fit was just bad, bad, bad.  That afternoon I cried about this "mistake we made in school choices" at his soccer practice and a parent I didn't know overheard me.  He offered his glowing recommendation of MCA. I told him I would "look into the school" after practice.  That night, he wrote me a two page email of his son's experience at MCA.  "Wow," we thought.  "If someone is going to take this much time to give a recommendation to a perfect stranger, maybe we need to check this place out."  We made an appointment with Julie Green for later that day.


Upon walking in to MCA we immediately felt at home.  Each of the staff we met greeted us with warm smiles and spoke to so sweetly our youngest son (18 months).  We noticed that every one of the staff knelt when speaking with the children and were quiet and calm and caring in their responses.  We decided immediately to enroll both of our boys in to MCA right then and there.


It has been two years since that fateful conversation with the random parent, and I am eternally grateful for it. MCA has been such a special place for both of my children.  The staff, the curriculum, the caring director.  The extra curricular activities like the vegetable garden or the May Day celebration or the Evening Under the Stars family event.  Each of these seemingly small pieces come together effortlessly to create an enriching environment for children and families alike.  MCA and Vineyard have provided quality care and education for my children, which, of course gives me peace of mind, but more importantly, these sites have created lifelong memories my family will forever cherish.

Kelly Ward (via Facebook).

My son absolutely loves his teachers and is excited to go to school, he has grown so much socially and developmentally since he started at MCA/Vineyard Montessori. The staff are very friendly and responsive, they really care about the children. I know that he is getting great care and education while I'm at work.

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